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In partnership with Artemis Search & Partners, we provide end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing from hiring to on-boarding induction. Artemis Search & Partners specialises in premium executive search and recruitment services to clients globally. Artemis Search & Partners focuses on various industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Supply Chain & Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Banking & Finance, Real Estate.

The war for talent has intensified tremendously over the past decade and will continue to escalate. As competition for top talent intensifies, organizations continue to look for the best talent…fast. Research has shown that more than $14,000 is lost for every unfilled position for three months and above. At Artemis, we recognize how important it is for organizations to acquire talent fast. Whilst there is abundant manpower in many markets, the global aging workforce and particularly in developed markets, has continued to take its toll on the demand for talent. This has hastened the need for organizations to examine how they acquire talent and the partners they work with to fulfill their talent acquisition needs.

Our services allow you to attract top people while reducing expenses and time to hire. It is more than just hiring and placing of employees. The services span from discovering the talent to formal on-boarding induction that will have the greatest impact on your business.

At Artemis, there are no short cuts. The best talent are passive job seekers. Searching for the right talent goes beyond placing job advertisements and searching in job portals. As true executive search specialists, we follow a deliberate process to unearth passive candidates, whillst adhering to tight timelines and service standards.

Speed in acquiring the best talent is everything in today’s ultra competitive talent warfare. With $14K lost for every unfilled position for three months, this translates to hundreds of thousands of lost revenue and/or lost productivity.

At Artemis, we specialize in various industries and functions. This translates to years of constant market outreach, continued engagement with key market talents and a proactive approach to identify new talent in the markets we specialize in. Coupled with the extensive experience and networks of our industry specialists, this provide our clients with a clear advantage over their competition in their talent acquisition initiatives.

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