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我们的夏季英语课程专为希望接触英语环境的学生设计,体验现实生活中的交际场景,建立信心并与来自不同国家的英语人士积极互动。 我们不断为外国学生创造机会,提高他们的英语语言能力,并理解全球视野的重要性。从第一天开始,我们的老师鼓励学生随时用英语讲话。

通过书本和课堂练习可以实现良好教育的基本原则。 然而,与我们的游学, 研学和夏/冬令营地提供的全球教育环境中的第一手经验相比。

沉浸方案根据您的需求而有所不同。 我们设计的游学, 研学从三天到三周不等。 所有游学, 研学都包含最大的学习潜力。

游学, 研学 / 夏令营 - 冬令营活动

  • 讲习课类型\商务管理:学习商务经济和营销概念

  • 工程机器人学:工程基本概念及其应用

  • 服装设计:画草图,剪裁。设计造型,释放你的创造力

  • 生物医学:针对年轻有抱负的科学家和研究者们信息技术

  • 计算机编码及编程:了解未来语言

  • 大众传播:学习导演,制作人或编辑的技能

  • 心理学:可曾想过有人可以解读你的内心?这门课程将分享一些读心术的秘密

  • 酒店业:学习成为一名酒保,餐厅员工及前台员工的技巧和秘诀。



GloApp Human Capital produces in-house events, STEM as well as Arts classes and interaction sessions for our students to bring together various learning for enrichment and collaboration.

Our Summer English Programme is designed for students who seek to gain exposure to an English-speaking environment, experience real-life communication scenarios, build confidence and interact actively with people from different countries in English. We continually create opportunities for foreign students to enhance their English Language competency and to understand the importance of a global vision of the world. From day one, our teachers encourage students to speak in English at all times.


Fundamentals of a good education can be achieved through books and classroom drills. However, there is nothing that compares to first hand experience in the global education environment that our study tours and summer/winter camps offer.

Immersion programmes vary depending on your needs. We have designed programmes varying from a time span of three days up to three weeks. All programmes incorporate the maximum learning potential.


The learning activities of our Study Tours and Summer/Winter camps include:

  • Business Management: Learn about the business economy and marketing concepts

  • Engineering robotics:Get an experience of engineering basic concept and its application

  • Fashion Design:Sketches and cuttings. Design styling that unleash your creativity

  • Bio-medical Science:Bio-medical technology for young aspiring scientists and researchers

  • Computer coding and programming:Understand the current and future computing language

  • Mass Communication:Study the roles of director, producer and editor as well as their skills

  • Psychology:Have you ever thought someone could interpret your thoughts? This course will share some of the secrets of mind reading

  • Hospitality: Learn about the skills of bartender, restaurant staff and front desk staff。


For more information about our events or to engage us as your event producer/organiser, email us your requirements or queries at

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