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Business Executive Summits

GloApp Human Capital produces in-house events, masterclasses and networking sessions and also co-produce for our corporate clients to bring together various stakeholders for enrichment and collaboration.


We organize company summits in Singapore, where attendees from overseas SMEs and Corporations will convene. The summit offers a unique platform for you to gain insights from key industry leaders through its conference, interact and learn from industry experts through the knowledge clinics and be able to get hands-on experience through post-event masterclasses. Our value proposition is to use Singapore as the destination to anchor and grow quality knowledge workshops as well as drive the innovation of new content. It also supports activities that will build the foundation of a stronger and knowledgeable management in the long term. 


For more information about our events or to engage us as your event producer/organiser, email us your requirements or queries at

Contact us at if you'd like to find out more.

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