After working in mainly US multi-nationals for close to 17 years, Weng embarked on a second career as a consultant, trainer and university lecturer and has been doing so for the past 9 years. His first degree in electrical engineering in NTU afforded him a grounding in quantitative data management. He subsequently did a program with MIT in big data and social analytics. Weng holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in business and management.

His PhD thesis was centred on Service Dominant Logic; he combines it with the analytical rigour from the concepts from his first degree in electrical engineering for application to industry. Weng is a sci-fi and comparative religion buff and believes that Asimov’s Foundation will eventually exist.

Weng trains industry executives and teaches university classes in marketing, management, HR and sales & channel programs. Drawing on his experience as a sales executive to eventually managing director, he has trained corporate managers on various aspects of front line customer engagement approaches. His area of interest is in marketing, from marketing research to consumer behavior and strategic marketing.