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Chi Changye, graduated from a Chinese high school with a top 0.1% grade in the Gaokao of Shandong 2016. He applied to do a double major programme in economics and mathematics at the National University of Singapore on himself, and was successfully admitted to the University Scholars Programme there. During his undergraduate candidature, he received scholarships, participated in the overseas exchange programme and embarked on different types of internships, which benefit him considerably. He graduated one year earlier than normal with a Bachelor’s degree with Highest Distinction.

Currently, Mr. Chi is a master student of Financial Engineering at the National University of Singapore. He is also active in education volunteer work. Back in China, he has very diverse exposure to different educational institutions there.

Mr. Chi has a hand-on experience on applying to well-known undergraduate programmes of Singaporean universities by Gaokao grade, and also researches extensively on applying by A-Level, IP, ATAR etc. He conducts analysis on the Gaokao of difference provinces in China, and figures out the regular patterns on Singaporean universities admitting mainland Chinese students. He is significantly advantageous of providing authoritative consulting services to prospective students from China.

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