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We provide leadership education and development to help our clients assess and deploy measures for improvement. This is in line with Singapore's life long learning. The focus for us is to provide leadership development for executives. There are specific initiatives created in partnership with East Asia Institute of Management Continuing Education and NTU Nanyang Business School Executive Programme. We deliver the Management, Sales and Marketing Training Programs. The key objectives are to reshape your oragnisation with new skills, create a new landscape for business innovation and growth with productivity improvement as well as executive scalability. We develop company executives to close the gaps between their current situation and the future optmised state. This will narrow gaps in Management, Sales and Marketing which are our areas of focus. Our courses are delivered by a strong faculty of highly experienced industry practitioners. The cutting-edge training programmes are designed with a targeted approach to meet business needs. Professionals will be equipped with the latest insights and best practices on business operation and process adoption.


Our range of Executive Development initiatives include:


1. Executive Forum

2. Management Summits

3. CEO Upsize

4. Leadership Development Initiatives

5. Executive Coaching

The training programs are as follows:

1. Developing Powerful & Effective Negotiation Techniques
2. Effective Management Skills Development
3. Enhancing Interpersonality Skills
4. Exemplary Leadership in Action
5. Strategic Leadership in Action
6. Performance Management and Appraisal Skills
7. Managing Suppliers for Service Outcome

1.Master Art of Negotiation for business outcomes
2. High Value Deals Effective Selling Skills
3. Soft Skills that Differentiates in Selling
4. Sales Methodologies from Prospect Identification to Closure
5. Channel Strategies For Effective Sales

1. Digital Marketing for Business
2. Marketing in the digital age
3. Sustainable CRM Implementation
4. Sustainable Integrated Engagement
5. Fundamentals of Biz Analytics
6. Business Analytics workshop
7. Customer Services for Business Performance

In Summary, GloApp Human Capital provides executive education and corporate management development which enables organizations to achieve greater organizational effectiveness. We have the Green Building package for architects, developers and construction professionals. The banking and finance package focus on developing the professionals in this industry. Finally, we have numerous sets of general management development which focus on Innovation, HR, Marketing, Sales and Services. The executive development through learning that pertains to Productivity, Innovation, Lean Sigma, Process Improvement,  and Quality Excellence, Leadership Development, Change Management.

For more information and an in-depth discussion on our executive education and development, contact us at

'eCORNELL / re:Box' - Partnership to help develop the skills to excel.

Welcome to re:BOX and Cornell University online online professional certificate programs!  Please join us and engage with the world’s leading Leadership and HR strategy Certificate Programs offered through eCornell, Cornell University’s online delivery platform.  These programs are second-to-none, trendy and 100% online.  They also allow you to qualify for a professional certificate from Cornell University.  Re:BOX also offers customized leadership training programs, customized workshops or consultation, seminars for individuals, teams, and organizations.  These re:BOX programs will enable you to expand and build on what you have learned in the eCornell courses in a local language environment. Feel free to contact us at

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