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GloApp Human Capital Pte Ltd is a Business Excellence focused company.

As a specialized company of processes, services and consulting in Business Excellence, we bring to our client companies like yours the high value-added services and developments to achieve cost optimization. By using the Business Excellence consulting approach we capitalize our competencies to implement cost-effective solutions for you. We focus on your business issues and put together the appropriate suite of business solutions that fit your requirements to achieve cost optimization.

Business Process Diagnosis & Gap Closure Planning   

(1 – 2 weeks for assessment and planning)

a. Explain evaluation system, understand client needs

b. Conduct survey with management staff

c. Conduct survey with employees, audit observable evidence

d. Conduct Process and Value Stream Mapping

e. Draft Gap Analysis, Gap Closure Plan

f. Finalise Gap Analysis and Gap Closure plan with management

Leadership & Performance Development

(8 development sessions spread over 8 weeks)

a. Understand client need and select candidates

b. Introduction and Win-Win Goal Setting

c. Performance and Winning Edge Factors

d. Goal Setting

e. Time Management

f. Mid-Term Review, Motivation, Momentum

g. Communication & Relationships

h. Fostering Teamwork

i. Effective Delegation

j. Final Review and Presentation

Company-wide Value Up Cost Down Programme

 (30 days of consulting spread over 3 months)

a. Overview of the Value - Cost Optimisation programme

b. Set Programme Structure for sustained Governance

c. Develop Data Gathering, Measurement and Tracking system

d. Identify Losses and Zero-in on major Cost Drivers

e. Develop a Quick Wins strategy and plan

f. Develop Culture and People

g. Develop Value - Cost Improvement Plan

Facilitate Implementation of Process Improvement Initiatives

(In stages, typically 4 to 12 months of consulting depending on need)

a. Set Collaborative Culture and Develop People Performance

b. Facilitate introduction of various initiatives such as:

     i.     Total Quality Management

    ii.     Lean Sigma – 5S, Kaizen, QCO, TPM, VSM, etc

   iii.     Industrial Engineering, Automation, Technology

   iv.     Value Engineering, Benchmarking

    v.     Design for Manufacture, Design for Lean

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