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As businesses strive to remain competitive in today’s fast changing landscape, some, in their haste for change install quick fixes without first taking the trouble to understand the problem and context. Disappointment is a predictable outcome of such an undertaking as wrong initiatives are taken and in the wrong order. The successful ones are those who base their change initiatives on sound business process diagnosis conducted by experienced consultants.


Our tried and tested Business Process Diagnosis is based on World Class best practices such as LEAN, TQM and ISO9000 principles. Our consultants have decades of managerial and transformation experience behind them and in-depth knowledge of organisational processes. We expertly suss out the main issues, priorities and draw gap closure plans by discussions with and agreement of the management team. The scope of the diagnosis and that of the transformation initiatives include Sales & Marketing function, Design & Development function and Operational functions.  Following the diagnosis we are able to offer relevant coaching, training and advise to both management and project teams to set the organisation on the path to an effective and sustained transformation.


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